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Askon Architects and description of services provided for their clients.
New York City Housing Authority NYCHA Project HOME, Queens �2000 (21 units)
(NYCHA) Project Management and construction Administration
New York City Neighborhood Homes Housing and Property Development (HPD) Site Inspection and Scope of work Preparation
Neighborhood of Affordable Housing Town House (15 units) Dev. Fund Corporation (NOAHDFC) New Development
Dr. Sairwaa Provost 192 Edgecombe Ave, Harlem �2001 (4 units)
Conversion of existing Brownstone SRO building to Apartment
Farrar Rosco  469 Waverly Ave, Brooklyn-1999 (4 units)
Substantial Rehabilitation of existing Brownstone
Charles Smiths  16 Silvan Terrace, Harlem-2001 (2 units)
Rehabilitation of existing landmark building in Harlem
Alicia Harper  412 E 89th Street, Manhattan � 2001 (4 units)
Extension and conversion of existing building.
Christ Apostolic Church 510 Liberty avenue, Brooklyn � (Commercial units)
Interior design and renovation of existing building
Howard Clarke  425 W 147th Street, Harlem �2001 (5 units)
Gut rehab. And conversion of existing SRO to apartment Building
Georgia Aaron  2076 Dean Street, Brooklyn � 2001 (8 units)
Rehabilitation of existing multi-dwelling units
Gazi Ali 140-99 Burden Crescent, Queens- 2001 (2 units)
Conversion of one family house to two family
George Turner  417 Stuyvesant Avenue, Brooklyn 2002 (2 units)
Gut Rehabilitation of existing Brownstone
John Foust  270 Van Siclen Avenue-2002 (20 units)
Rehabilitation of existing multi dwelling units
Neil Duncan  118-47 198 Street � 2002 (2 units)
Rear Extension of existing building
Edward Wisniewski  171-1/2 Franklin Street, Brooklyn 2002-(3 units)
Gut rehab. of fire damaged building
Suzy Pongnon  114-71 177th street, Queens
Dormer extension of one family house
Adegbenro Aderonke 242-19 131 Avenue
Dormer extension of one family house

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